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Arcadia OCC Interconnect Cable

Type: Audio Interconnect

The Arcadia is a no compromise, OCC copper interconnect developed for the most demanding analogue systems. It shares the same engineering  as the Pure Silver Fusion interconnect but in an all pure copper construction. Its design consists of a twisted pair of fine strand/ tight pitch OCC stranded cores insulated in FEP/Tef dielectric, which are then insulted in PTFE wrap followed by a mylar shield.  A 24-carrier tight pitch braid for 100% protection then follows the mylar from outside interference. Following this we jacketed the cable in 105˚C degree RoHS certified PVC jacket and an anti-static terephthalate(PET) monofilament sleeve.

The all OCC copper design gives it an unique sonic signature that is truly it own and the ideal choice for solid state equipment where the pursuit is authenticity.

The Arcadia like all of our cables goes through our new Ultra Sonic cleaning process where we run the raw copper through a water bath that is super charged to burn away dirt, oil, particals and impurities on the surface of the wire. This Ultra Sonic Bath also has the added unique effect of giving our cables a pre-burn sound that could take hundreds of hours to achieve through normal use. 


    ● Conductor: OCC single crystal copper
    ● Multi-Strand find strand construction  
    ● Ultra Sonic cleaning process on individual conductors 
    ● Insulations: HDPE, FEP/Tef dielectric, PTFE dielectric (wrap)- Insulation is pressure extruded completely encompassing each core evenly.
    ● Tight Pitch construction
    ● Cryo-Treated
    ● Shield1: Aluminum mylar with
    ● Shield 2: Silver coated copper tight pitch braid
    ● External insulation: RoHs/Reach Certified 105˚C PVC high flex jacket
    ● Connector Male (RCA): Low-mass RCAs with OCC copper low resistance Pin assembly 
    ● Sleeve 1: Polyethylene terephthalate(PET) monofilament sleeve with anti-static ­● fibre in purple
    ● OD: 8.5mm

      Deep Cryo™ Treatment
      All of the conductors used in our cables undergo Deep Cryo™ treatment before the insulation is extruded over the metals. Our research has proven that the conductor—and only the conductor— benefits from cryo-treatment. Materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC™), Teflon™, PE, and Silicon™ can all be adversely affected by cold-temperature annealing. Cryo-treating non-conductors and insulating materials can cause them to break down and become brittle.
      The purity, size, and molecular structure of each conductor determine the specific temperature within the -186ºC to - a 196ºC range that we cryo-treat it at. Zavfino’s research into cold temperature physics has proven that the absolute lowest temperature is not necessarily the best for cryo-treatment.
      This is a two-stage process. In the first stage we draw the bare conductor through a ceramic die into an ultrasonic cleaning chamber that bombards the conductor with multiple ultrasonic frequencies. This emulsification process removes all debris from the surface of the wire down to the molecular level and leaves absolutely zero residues.

      UltraSonic 7 High Voltage / Thermal Break-in
      This is a two-stage process. In the first stage we draw the bare conductor through a ceramic die into an ultrasonic cleaning chamber that bombards the conductor with multiple ultrasonic frequencies. This emulsification process removes all debris from the surface of the wire down to the molecular level and leaves absolutely zero residues. After each individual wire is processed, we strand it into bundles and then subject the bundles to further treatment. During the second stage of the ultrasonic burn-in, we increase the voltage to a higher level that’s just below the threshold of the conductor. This adjustment in temperature allows us to get a unique “break-in effect” normally associated with cables that have had 30 to 40 hours of signal and/or current run through them.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 21 reviews
      Mark Robison
      Totally blown away.

      I was really skeptical when I bought these. I have a really expensive pair of cables that were loaned out to me from a dealer. They were really good and open but they were harsh on the upper end. With my gear I am running a Mark Levinson to duel mono. And the Cambridge edge edge Nq. They’re both an excellent match. I bought the Arcadia m2 XLR and I was so blown away. The soundstage was huge. Not only was it open and very well balance from top to bottom. Every single instrument was separated like I have never heard. These definitely blue away thousand dollar pair of XLR. I know most people that have Mark Levinson spend at least $3000 on a pair of interconnects. I put a burn in track and put about 80 hours on these cables. And they opened up and separated 3d imaged and holographic. The more I ran the burn in Trac. I give these cables five stars. This is the first time I have actually felt like something was a giant killer.

      Great stuff. Arcadia IC

      Fantastic and 1/3 the price of the Cardas IC it replaced.

      Nick Magistro
      The world of audiophile cables

      There are many companies out there today making audiophile cables. Some made as low as $40 making bold claims that they are better than the best in the world. And then you have a number of name brand companies that do produce very good cables but can be very costly ranging from $500.00-$50,000.00
      And there are many cables on the market that are very good that the audiophile Community will turn their nose at.
      I do believe that most of us are blue collar audiophiles. And are looking for the best cables we can buy for the money. There is something to also be noted that when it comes to finding the right cable for your system it can be tricky" system synergy"
      For the record this is coming from a DIY'er I like to build my own stuff I've designed my own speakers and so on and they're very passionate about my audio system here are just a few specs on my system. Homemade media center"ie PC"
      Audio GD r28 dac preamp, I was using a Conrad Johnson pv12l preamp the r28 does the job just as good. The pv12l has a little bit more finesse with the brimar cv4003 tubes but not enough worth keeping it in the chain. And note Conrad Johnson preamp is single ended and I also used the zavfino Arcadia single ended interconnects. which made a insanely clear difference over my diy Mogami W2549 interconnect with a signal dump. an ayre v3 for amplification to a pair of magnepan 1.7 Heavenly modified. In fact I spent more money modifying the speakers then what it cost to purchase them. New solid wood Poplar end caps, Jentzan standard Z and Superior Z capacitors and jentzan inductor to factory specifications. With Duelund bypass caps. And it was a pain in the backside to get it in the factory location but I succeeded. I kid you not I spent a lot of time rebuilding these speakers. And they sound beautiful backed up by the equipment that I'm using. The whole point of why I gave my detailed information about my system is not only point out that I know what I'm doing but to also point out that I'm using very well-known good components.
      And in the end it should be said if you're looking for a very good pair of interconnects or any cable for that matter that won't close your bank account you have found a home with zafino cables!the word need to get out there that if you want a very well performing cable that doesn't cost thousands of dollars then Zavfino is your answer.. I hope my long story helps enjoy the music people. ;)

      Jim D.
      Arcadia OCC Interconnects

      As others noted, very clear and revealing. Ordered .75m cables for my stacked components, would have liked to have seen a .5m offering.

      Steven Gilmore
      Smooth, detailed, and open

      Well pleased with the performance of the Arcadis XLR's. I was hoping to buy a SPDIF from Zavfino, but none in production. Perhaps soon! I recommend!

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