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About Zavfino



At Zavfino we have been engineering cables, components and accessories for some of the biggest names in the Hi‐Fi industry for over 15 years. For the past 12 years we have been supplying products under our own brand names – 1877Phono and Zavfino, to distributors, dealers and manufacturers worldwide. 

Our extensive line of cables, components and accessories are 100% engineered,  designed and assembled in-house, utilizing enamelled Pure Silver, Japanese OCC copper, and a wide range of dielectrics such as Teflon, FEP, PTFE, and HPE, and are newest breakthrough Graphene LDP, all of which are sourced from the USA, Germany and Japan. We have extensive experience in contract engineering and fabricating turntables and components since 2004, and in 2015, proudly introduced our first turntable line—the ZV5 Series. The ZV5 is paired with our knife edge  Ashena Series Tonearms in aluminum and carbon.  A labour of love, the ZV5 uses a classic shape with a modern engineering twist and limited edition custom hand painted and pinstriped custom designs. Powered by an independent motor and speed regulator, we have truly built a table for the discerning analogue connoisseur.
Followed by the success of the ZV5 tables the Copperhead, and ZV8 Turntables where introduced and the subsitquent upgrades show the best we have to offer in engineering and design. 

Our Aeshna Tonearms come standard on all of our tables and are 100% manufactured, wired, assembled and tested in‐house by our own technicians. Although we would like to take full credit for its complete design, we actually sought out and joint ventured with a UK based tonearm designer/engineer/legend having over 25 years of designing and manufacturing cutting‐edge tonearms; with fhis “the right way, or hit the highway” approach. The outcome is and amazing arm that we can proudly pair with our components.

At Zavfino we are committed to offering world class products to dedicated audiophiles. We don’t believe in offering misleading specifications for a quick dollar, and we only use the best materials on the market for all our projects. We have many more great products coming so please check our site regularly for our newest innovations.
Zavfino 1877Phono
772 Black Rock Road,
Truro, Nova Scotia Canada.