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Aeshna Tonearm - Carbon Fiber-Knife Edge Bearing

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Category: black, gold

Type: Turntables

Our Aeshna Tonearm  improves on a classic concept by magnetically stabilizing our  knife-edge bearing thus eliminating jitter in the bearing assembly. Precision machined in aluminum, and brass, and press fitted for stiffness and rigidity it is ideally suited for a wide range of cartridges.  Effortless , smooth operation with a focus on performance without colouration the Aeshna is the result of 3 years of development and over 20 years of tonearm design and engineering experience.


Effective design length

● 9.5" /238.6mm 

    Null Points

    ● Inner: 62..5mm
    ● Outer: 127mm

    Effective Mass: 8.5g
    Distance from turntable centre to arm pivot: 218mm
    Bearing Horizontal: Ceramic Ball Race
    Bearing Verical: Steel Knife Edge (Cryo Treated)
    Cartridge Range:5-15 grams

    Internal Wiring:

    ● OCC 5Litz7 33AWG Enamel Litz


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