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The Prima MKII OCC Speaker Cable 9AWG

Type: Speaker Cable

Newly updated and tweaked to perfection Prima MKII  speaker cable utilizes  more OCC single crystal copper strands in a multiple strand litz construction with an individually insulated silver coated core with  Japan sourced  LDPE Dielectric .  Prima MKII also has a tighter conductor twist before extrusion and the insulated pairs are also twisted at a higher pitch rate than the previous Prima.  Using a tight strand/high pitch lay this 9AWG speaker cable can handle the most demanding systems and loudspeakers on the market. New to the MKII is our Delrin insulated BFA speaker connectors which are a mix of pressed formed copper sheet with lightweight aluminum shells which don't come into contact with the gold plating. Other connector variations such as spades, and locking banana are available by contacting us through the website. 

The Prima MKII  like all of our cables goes through our new Ultra Sonic cleaning process where we run the raw copper through a water bath that is super charged to burn away dirt, oil, residue and impurities on the surface of the wire. This Ultra Sonic Bath also has the added unique effect of giving our cables a pre-burn sound that could take hundreds of hours to achieve through normal use.  Prima MKII is has  Cryo treated bare conductor before extrusion.  


● Fine Strand OCC Single Crystal Copper Conductor
● Silver Coated OCC center conductor insulted  
● Tight pitch stranding on conductor and twisted pairs
● 9AWG/each insulated core
● Insulation/Dielectric 1: LDPE Clear
● Insulation/Dielectric 2: High Density PVC
● Jacket: High Flexibility PVC 105C
● 105˚C degree PVC
● Spaced layer extrusion 6mm
● Anti-static/Anti Abrasion direct braid custom jacket
● Anti-vibration EVA cable Stoppers
● Braided silicone fiberglass breakouts (black)
● Sleeve 1: Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) monofilament
● Diameter 19.5mm
● Connectors: Zavfino Copper BFA , 24k gold plated, 
● Lengths: 2x2.5m (custom lengths and termination available)

Deep Cryo™ Treatment
All of the conductors used in our cables undergo Deep Cryo™ treatment before the insulation is extruded over the metals. Our research has proven that the conductor—and only the conductor— benefits from cryo-treatment. Materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC™), Teflon™, PE, and Silicon™ can all be adversely affected by cold-temperature annealing. Cryo-treating non-conductors and insulating materials can cause them to break down and become brittle.
The purity, size, and molecular structure of each conductor determine the specific temperature within the -186ºC to - a 196ºC range that we cryo-treat it at. Zavfino’s research into cold temperature physics has proven that the absolute lowest temperature is not necessarily the best for cryo-treatment.
This is a two-stage process. In the first stage we draw the bare conductor through a ceramic die into an ultrasonic cleaning chamber that bombards the conductor with multiple ultrasonic frequencies. This emulsification process removes all debris from the surface of the wire down to the molecular level and leaves absolutely zero residues.

UltraSonic 7 High Voltage / Thermal Break-in
This is a two-stage process. In the first stage we draw the bare conductor through a ceramic die into an ultrasonic cleaning chamber that bombards the conductor with multiple ultrasonic frequencies. This emulsification process removes all debris from the surface of the wire down to the molecular level and leaves absolutely zero residues. After each individual wire is processed, we strand it into bundles and then subject the bundles to further treatment. During the second stage of the ultrasonic burn-in, we increase the voltage to a higher level that’s just below the threshold of the conductor. This adjustment in temperature allows us to get a unique “break-in effect” normally associated with cables that have had 30 to 40 hours of signal and/or current run through them.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mark Muse
Prima MKII OCC Speaker Cable

Even though they are already 'burned in' I found they took about a week to really settle in and sound their best. And their best is really quite good! Excellent performance at a relatively decent price!

Jim D.
Prima MKII Speaker Cables

Cables are nearly broken in now and I am very pleased with their performance. Very clear, imaging much better than the cables these replaced and not lacking on the bottom end either. Evidence of terrific quality in design and construction. Looking forward to trying Z's interconnects next.

John Mark Flack
PrimaMKII OCC speaker cable

Straight out of the box I inserted these into my near reference exercise room audio system. They are very clean/clear sounding with loads of non-obtrusive detail. The cables they replaced were more liquid. However, the easy to hear liquidity was excessive and was smearing timbres masking mid-range and high frequency detail. The zavfino cables have just the right amount of liquidity. The only downside right now is I am waiting on the low end to fill in. Nevertheless, this is a superb speaker cable that is worth every penny of its cost.

Fast forward nearly 90 hours of continuous play. The bottom frequencies have filled in completely. They are eminently satisfying. The liquidity has increased but not to the timber smearing degree. The clarity and imaging are excellent to stunning. Overall this is a fantastic speaker cable that has great clarity, imaging, tonal colors and just the right amount of liquidity. Hard to imagine that the Siver Dart cables are 4 times better - that would literally be impossible. Nevertheless, I suspect that I will ultimately get a pair of the Siver Darts. Why? Cause I am an audiophool.....

Best value in cables!

How can $650 for cables be a great value? Go listen to cables costing $1000-2000 and then buy these! I replaced Audioquest Robinhood Zero’s and couldn’t believe how much better the Zavfino’s sound. More dynamic, bigger and deeper soundstage. Maybe a touch less in detail but smoother and less “peaky” sounding. I had been struggling to get the sound to separate from my Cube Audio speakers. I’ve tried a few DACs, amps, preamps, etc but never thought it was the cables until I tried these. All of a sudden the soundstage opened up, separated from the speakers, and was just more alive sounding. I had a hard time pulling myself away from the listening room. Not to mention the build quality is right there with AQ. I can also say that with the Audience and Swiss Cables I’ve tried in the past two years. These remind me a lot of the Kimber Monacle XL’s but at 1/3 the price. They’re that good. Anyone not in the know would guess these are $1500+ cables once they handled them and heard them. And I’ve only used mine about 30-40 hours at the most. Looking forward to hearing them more and more. Buy with confidence.

Absolutely amazing

These are truly transforming speaker cables! And the price makes them completely affordable. For any system. Give them a shot. You will thank me later.

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