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OCC Silver Dart Graphene Insulated Power Cable

Type: Power Cable

The OCC Silver Dart is the culmination of 3 years development and testing using our H-Wound™ stranding technique on large gauge conductors coupled with our newly developed Graphene doped conductive dielectric.  Utilizing our H-Wound™ stranding each power core is guaranteed “Zero Strand Loss” during assembly as the final horizontal silver OCC layer not only allows for perfect pitch across the conductors but also acts as a barrier layers to prevent fallen or clipped strands during the assembly process. What this means is 100% identical cores before they are secured in our Audiophile Grade power connectors.

The Silver Dart’s OCC conductors are Cryo-Treated before extrusion and then undergo our thermal cleaning process to remove any external dirt, oils, and drawing residue from the conductor surface. This high voltage cleaning also puts a continuous voltage through the cable giving the Dart a sound and performance of a cable, which has been run-in for many months.

Our newly developed “Graphene Doped Dielectric Shield ” adds one more additional layer of shielding to our cable, which is lightweight, further reduces EMI and RFI without choking out the power distribution, which can happen, by adding additional braiding.

Silver Dart also uses our spaced layer “cable in cable” technique insulating this cable to an overall diameter of 23mm using a power cable inside a power cable design that is uniquely our own and adding it’s signature sound.  

The optimal pairing for Dart are large power amplifiers, tube amps, and high power flow components, mono-blocks and wall to IEC power bars and conditioners.

The performance of the Dart is unrestricted, raw power transfer without adding coloration to your components while protecting and enhancing the true performance of your equipment.

Excerpt from Novo Hi-Fi review

The 1.5m Silver Dart™ power cord I reviewed had a gorgeous snakeskin-silver outer jacket. The cable’s 1.25 inches thick and it’s as stiff as a Keanu Reeves monologue. Be forewarned: you’ll need at least 18” inches of space behind any component to plug this power cord in. Although it isn’t too heavy, this PC’s also difficult to rotate along its torsional axis.

An electrical anomaly known as the “skin effect” occurs when electrons move through any solid core wire. Higher frequencies travel along the outside (the skin) of the conductor faster than midrange and lower echelon frequencies. This results in hazy PRaT, muddled instrumental timbres, and an unnatural sound.

 To negate the skin effect, Zavfino’s patented H-Wound™process twists thin silver stranded wire tightly around thicker central OCC copper (Cu) solid-core conductors. They refer to this construction as a ‘cable within a cable’ and claim that it achieves “perfect pitch”and superior PRaT.

Instead of only using a copper (Cu) braid or a Mylar wrap as a dielectric shield, Zavfino extrudes a ‘graphene’cover over a Mylar shield/drain to insulate the Silver Dartfrom EMI and RFI.Graphene is an allotrope of carbon which, at the molecular level, forms a two dimensional hexagonal lattice in which one atom forms each vertex. It’s the basic structural element of various other allotropes, including graphite and charcoal.

Noise is to audiophiles what toenail fungus is to lesbian shoe enthusiasts: a hell-spawned thing to be feared and loathed like the black plague. The Dart’sgraphene dielectric shield rejects EMI and RFI noise like an Amish tech-support rep ignores phone calls; it just ain’t gettin’ through.

Graphene is the strongest material ever tested. Its tensile strength is about 200 times greater than that of the strongest known steels. It is also the best conductor of electricity yet known. Studies have proven electron mobility through graphene at values exceeding 15,000 cm²·V-¹·s-¹. These physical qualities are what make it so valuable to audio applications.

Most cables using OCC metals take months to burn-in. Zavfino cryo-treats and pre-burns all of their conductors beforethe insulation is extruded over the conductors. They claim that their patented Ultra Sonic 7™process creates a unique break-in effect that sounds like the cables have had 40 hours of current run through them.

One thing is clear: Zavfino has invested more R&D into the Silver Dartthan the US put into their space program in the 1980s. This power cord uses a half-dozen new technologies which, in theory, should improve its sound quality. So… how does it sound?

No matter what component I plugged it into, the OCC Silver Dart brought an organic warmth, textured resolution, and incisive musical insight into Octoberthat raised the listening experience from merely hearing the music, to being thoroughly involved with the songs on an emotional level.

 Saxon’s Wheels of Steel:

Released in 1980, Saxon’s landmark Wheels of Steelis a vainglorious NWoBHM album. If you like Motörhead or Maiden, you’ll love this hard-charging music.

Showcasing roaring songs like “Motorcycle Man”, “747 - Strangers in the Night”, “Freeway Mad”, “See the Light Shining”, “Machine Gun”, and the anthemic title track “Wheels of Steel”, this album kicks like an injection of 100 CCs of nitrous-oxide.

With the Silver Dart, I immediately felt the swaggering command of Biff Byford’s über-confident vocals. The percussive accents from cymbals were detailed without any high-band ringing or artifice. The tone and texture of the twin rhythm guitars was warm and natural sounding. Unlike a lot of posh power cords that make bass notes sound like constipated buffalo farts, the Dartdelivered superb timbral accuracy across the lower frequency registers.

The two main things I want to hear from cables are: one, incisive high-frequency resolution that doesn’t induce ringing fatigue; and two, a palpable richness of texture, tone, and timbre that isn’t slow or coloured. While listening to Wheels of Steel, it occurred to me that the OCC Silver Dartdoes both.


Sorry Suave, but I’m keeping the review samples. Why…?Unlike most OCC cables which take months to burn-in, the Silver Dartcreated stellar sound in 24 hours. I’m calling this the “5 minute jeans trick” of audio, because getting any OCC power cable to the heights of musical ecstasy after only a day or two—instead of a month or two—is a rare and wonderful thing.

In my audio systems, the Dartconsistently created a much deeper emotional connection with the music I love. Even on discs I’ve been listening to for decades, this AC cable unveiled layers of sound which I honestly didn’t know existed.

Deep Cryo™ Treatment
All of the conductors used in our cables undergo Deep Cryo™ treatment before the insulation is extruded over the metals. Our research has proven that the conductor—and only the conductor— benefits from cryo-treatment. Materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC™), Teflon™, PE, and Silicon™ can all be adversely affected by cold-temperature annealing. Cryo-treating non-conductors and insulating materials can cause them to break down and become brittle.
The purity, size, and molecular structure of each conductor determine the specific temperature within the -186ºC to - a 196ºC range that we cryo-treat it at. Zavfino’s research into cold temperature physics has proven that the absolute lowest temperature is not necessarily the best for cryo-treatment.
This is a two-stage process. In the first stage we draw the bare conductor through a ceramic die into an ultrasonic cleaning chamber that bombards the conductor with multiple ultrasonic frequencies. This emulsification process removes all debris from the surface of the wire down to the molecular level and leaves absolutely zero residues.

UltraSonic 7 High Voltage / Thermal Break-in
This is a two-stage process. In the first stage we draw the bare conductor through a ceramic die into an ultrasonic cleaning chamber that bombards the conductor with multiple ultrasonic frequencies. This emulsification process removes all debris from the surface of the wire down to the molecular level and leaves absolutely zero residues. After each individual wire is processed, we strand it into bundles and then subject the bundles to further treatment. During the second stage of the ultrasonic burn-in, we increase the voltage to a higher level that’s just below the threshold of the conductor. This adjustment in temperature allows us to get a unique “break-in effect” normally associated with cables that have had 30 to 40 hours of signal and/or current run through them.

Zavfino’s H-Wound™ + Zero Strand Loss:
Drawing on more than 18 years of manufacturing experience, Zavfino has developed a remarkable new technique for twisting stranded wire tightly around a central solid-core conductor. An electrical phenomenon commonly known as the “skin effect” occurs when electrons move through any solid core conductor. Higher frequencies travel along the outside (the skin) of the conductor faster than midrange and lower echelon frequencies. This results in smeared PRaT, muddled instrumental timbres, and an unnatural sound. Zavfino’s new H-Wound™ manufacturing technique negates the skin effect. Originally developed by OEMs Siemens and Klangfilm, Zavfino uses a customized transformer wire-stranding machine. We further modified the gears in this machinery to create windings at a slower RPM ratio with a much tighter pitch. This patented manufacturing process enables us to twist the wiring at the tightest pitch possible without overlapping the wire strands. Most wire-stranding machines can only fabricate windings up to a maximum of 300 twists per meter. Setting the bar far higher, Zavfino’s patented H-Wound™ cable winding machine creates a pitch rate of 14,000 to 16,000 twists per meter; which is unmatched by any other audiophile cable maker. Zavfino’s new Zero Strand Loss™ manufacturing technique protects the bundled conductors from being damaged during stripping and termination. By ensuring that each core has zero chipped, cut, or mangled strands, we can guarantee that each insulated core is 100% identical. For audiophiles, the sonic results of tighter windings and Zero Strand Loss™ conductors are cables with quieter backgrounds, remarkable timbral accuracy, lifelike PRaT, jaw dropping mid-range resolution, and superior low frequency extension. Our new H-Wound™ stranding technology allows us to protect the delicate electrical signal being transferred through our cables. Combined with Zavfino’s state of the art manufacturing techniques, our precision matched OCC Copper (Cu) and Silver (Ag) conductors used in the Silver Dart™ A/C power cord bring an unequalled purity and honesty to all forms of music. The results are previously unheard details, finesse, and accuracy across the frequency spectrum.

● OCC Silver /OCC  Copper conductor
● H-Wound™ Fine Pitch Construction
● 10AWG/Core (3X10AWG) (H-Wound™) 16,000 Twists/Meter
● HDPE Insulation
● Deep Cryo Treated before extrusion
● Cable -in- Cable design
● Ultra-Sonic 7™ Cleaning burn-in process
● Graphene  Dielectric & Shield
● Spaced layer suspension  extrusion 6.0 mm
● Anti-static multi weave direct braid jacket,
● High Density EVA Vibration cuffs
● Connectors: 24k gold plated IEC, 24k gold plated USA
● Diameter 24.0 mm/Custom lengths on request

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Lowell Graham
    Amazing in the extreme

    I have two OCC Silver Dart Graphene Insulated Power Cables working in the front end of my system. Simply, they are amazing. Yes, all the buzz words apply, but these areas stand out. The noise floor is lower than I have ever heard in my system and these cables are replacing cables costing twice as much. Think about that. The range and reach are larger than ever before with bass to treble being clear and clean. Timbre is spot on – impressive to be certain. Music jumps, soundstage is huge and precise. Articulation is without question the best I have heard. There is a solidity that is impactful to the listening experience. Absolutely recommended.

    Daniel Zins
    Silver Dart pc

    I really don't have anything to add to the many kudos for Zavfino here and on audiogon, but another reason I am a returning customer is Raymond's exemplary customer service--a real pleasure to work with!

    Pang YZ
    Silver Dart

    I purchased silver dart power cable after getting fusion XLR.
    I find silver dart power cable delivers good mid with texture, without being warm and still retains good resolution. The bass is punchy compared to my much more expensive power cable.
    Nice jobs Zavfino.

    Now I am thinking to get more silver dart :)

    Ken Basar
    Dart Review

    I do think the Dart power cord is a little cooler sounding and has more energy in the middle frequencies. I even raised the volume a bit on my subwoofers to balance it out. It is especially beneficial to vocals- primarily women’s vocals.

    There is an enjoyable quality to this power cable that has improved my listening experience. It is a liveliness that was not there with my previous cable.

    So, I have just completed treating the AC prongs with the NPS-1260 and that usually means that it’s a keeper.


    Jeff Mitcheltree
    Mind Blowing Performance

    This OCC silver dart power cable has transformed my Prima Luna integrated amplifier. The extreme high detail and clarity of vocals is jaw dropping not to mention silky smooth highs and tight, punchy bass. My Tekton Moab speakers are breathing new life into my music. The music is layered in a 3D presentation which captivates the full emotion of the listening experience. I'm forever grateful to the R&D that Zafino delivers in this incredible cable. Any audiophile understands that your amplifier is the heart of your system. This silver dart power cable will provide a powerful and dynamic heart beat for your amplifier. Raymond provides top notch customer service. Highly Recommended !!!

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