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The Spirit Phono Junction Box

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Category: tonearm

Type: Tonearm Cables

The Spirit Junction box consists of  Gold Plated PTFE insulated RCA sockets , in a real oak shielded enclosure.  Each unit is hand assembled and soldered and uses our Spirit tonearm cable terminated with either our TAD-88 straight or Right angled DIN. Each solder joint uses a 5% silver solder and the enclosure uses a mylar backed dampening material for shielding and anti-vibration.  Grounding consists of 50cm of ground wire with gold plated alligator clips at both ends so it can be easily attached to most phono stage ground connectors. 

The Spirit Junction allows our customers to attach their favourite High End RCA cables in seconds and swap them out for specialized listening tests and in-depth cable comparisons.  

Offered in a Straight PTFE DIN socket or 90˚ Degree Right Angle DIN 

  •  Conductor: OFHC SILVER  Conductors,
  • tight pitch construction. low capacitance, shielded
  • Insulations: PE dielectric, PTFE dielectric, ­ 80˚C  PVC jacket
  •  Shield: Aluminum mylar/ Braided copper shield  
  •  Enclosure Shield : Aluminum Mylar high density foam
  • Ground: 50cm OFC ground wire with 24k gold plated ground clip
  •  Enclosure: Oak hand assembled 
  •  Connector (DIN):TAD-88 straight /TAD-2R right angle, 24k PTFE/Tef
  •  Connector socket  (RCA): 1877 ZRP4 Socket, PTFE insulated  
  • Sleeve 1: Polyethylene terephthalate(PET) monofilament sleeve 
  •  Total length: 50cm with 50cm detachable ground wire

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    GEM Dandy Products
    Excellent Product

    As a turntable manufacture, I can state the Junction box construction is excellent and performance is also excellent. The cable is flexible enough to function perfect on a spring suspended turntable.

    Travis K
    Spirit Phono Junction Box

    This is area where there are few options and fewer experts.

    If you are in a pinch or otherwise have an even more practical need to convert a traditional DIN tonearm to RCA this junction box does a nice job and it is much more aesthetically pleasing than its competitors.

    Well constructed, it definitely gets the job done with very little residual noise associated with the extra hop.

    I used this box to connect my Groovemaster II tonearm to my Shindo Monbrison phono pre via a set of Shindo RCA cables and I was stunned that I could hardly tell the difference between that setup and a directly connected tone arm cable from a well known brand.

    At a $120 how much thinking is required? Even as a utility component it's worth twice that.

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